Giuseppe Laguardia was born in Germany on May 2, 1989 and raised in the small town of Palazzo San Gervasio in Basilicata, Italy. At 18, he began his career in fashion photography, shooting in Northern Italy. In 2018, he embraced his passion for fashion and started posting his photographic content on his Instagram profile, which quickly gained viral popularity among both male and female followers from around the world.

Giuseppe is engaged to his beautiful partner Laura and they welcomed their son Leonardo in 2021, who has become a staple in Giuseppe’s viral fashion videos with over 65 million views. Giuseppe has big plans for his future, including expanding his family and traveling the world with his children, creating new and beautiful content along the way.

Giuseppe credits his success to his consistency, simplicity, and grounded approach to fashion. He describes his style as simple yet never mundane, featuring neutral colors that reflect his true self. He is passionate about fashion and style and is inspired to inspire others through his humility and simplicity.

Giuseppe’s blog showcases a harmonious blend of colors, embodying his satisfaction with his work as a fashion blogger. Despite the hard work that goes into it, including location scouting, outfit selection, filming, and editing, Giuseppe’s greatest satisfaction comes from being recognized and appreciated for his humility by followers on the street.

In the coming year, Giuseppe hopes to continue his success in fashion, focusing on simplicity and neutral colors. He aims to create a brand that truly reflects who he is and his values of love, work, and sports. 

Want to see what comes next? You can find him on Instagram as @giuse_laguardia

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