Giulia Chilin is a 27-year-old entrepreneur from the Dominican Republic who works as a virtual assistant for remote e-commerce companies. Her tasks involve administrative support and customer service for these fully remote companies.

Giulia studied Tourism and Hotel Management and graduated in 2018. In 2020, during the pandemic, she was working as an assistant in the food and beverage department of a hotel in Morocco. Due to pandemic restrictions, she couldn’t return to her home country and had to find a temporary source of income while waiting for the pandemic to pass.

She started doing small transcription jobs that paid 15 cents per minute transcribed. She took various online certifications to offer this service, but found it stressful not understanding some words and her patience was not her strong suit, so she gave up and looked for another alternative. That’s when she stumbled upon the world of e-commerce and, after about three months of study, decided to start her own online store. Sadly, it failed due to her lack of experience and desperation for income. However, since she had dedicated three months of her life to learning how everything worked in the e-commerce world and had the practice of opening her own store, which, although it didn’t work, left her with many lessons.

That’s when she decided to offer virtual assistant services specifically to e-commerce stores. 

She knew that the knowledge she had acquired would be useful to someone who already had a functioning store and started applying for vacancies on the Upwork platform.

After a few months, in January 2021, Giulia started creating content on TikTok to share her experience. At that point, she realized that no one was talking about the possibility of working remotely as a virtual assistant for e-commerce stores and took this opportunity to start making educational videos on the subject. She gradually received a lot of interest and provided counseling via video call, helping people. When she no longer had time to help the number of people who needed her assistance, she created a more detailed course of pre-recorded classes that help with the entire process, entitled «Become a Virtual Assistant Program.»

Since then, Giulia has continued to use her social media to educate, entertain, and train people who want to work remotely as virtual assistants. She has a blog, a YouTube channel, and accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter. Her Upwork profile is also constantly active, and she has helped many e-commerce companies achieve their goals.

Giulia Chilin is a great example of how entrepreneurship and resilience can be the answer to facing difficult times. Would you like to know more about her? You can find her on Instagram as @giuliachilin.

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