Gege Neumann, the sister of Argentine actress and model Nicole Neumann, bid farewell to Argentina as she embarked on a new adventure with her husband and two children. The family’s first destination is Spain, where they plan to work on a sustainable documentary series for La Huella Films, a production company founded by Jorge Otamendi, Gege’s husband.

Gege, who is also a singer, expressed excitement for the new project but acknowledged the emotional toll of leaving behind her home of over a decade. In a video shared on social media, she talked about the difficulty of packing up and leaving, saying, «Emptying your house, it seems like it hit me emotionally a lot. I’m very sensitive.»

The family bid farewell to their loved ones at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires, where they were surprised by a friend of Gege’s who joined them on the trip. Federica, who had been hiding her face and dancing in front of Gege, revealed herself and announced that she would be accompanying the family to Spain for a few days.

The joyful moment was slightly delayed when Gege realized that she had left her passport in Pilar, a city located outside of Buenos Aires. Without the passport, they wouldn’t be able to leave the country. The family rushed to retrieve it, causing a brief delay before they could finally board the plane.

Gege did not share any updates on their adventure after that, but their story reflects a growing trend of Argentine migration to Europe. With the promise of new opportunities and experiences, more and more families like Gege’s are setting their sights on new horizons.

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