Gabriel is an investor, a businessman and a specialized consultant in real estate with over 20 years of experience.

At first he worked in an accounting firm, then in a corporation called «Inglés sin barreras» where he worked for 11 years, and after that he opened his own «Direct response» business. A turning point in his career was the collapse of the twin towers because the fear of declining tourism in Miami led to a massive sale of hotels that Gabriel took advantage of. That investment led him into the interesting world of real estate.

Nowadays he is dedicated to advising investors throughout Latin America, helping them to understand their position, capitalizing their money and avoiding as many risks as possible. It is all about investing efficiently to maximize the returns on your investment.

After investing in the real estate market for several years, he built a group of professionals to facilitate the journey in all areas that the client must go through when he is deciding to carry out a real estate investment.

The team is formed by specialists with experience in all the necessary fields: licensed brokers and agents, real estate attorneys, sales closing and accounting advisors, banking and lending agents, property managers, among others. A team highly qualified to assist you in the purchase, sale and management of properties, to provide legal and accounting advice, and assist you with mortgage financing and property design.

Investing in real estate is an important decision, Gabriel and his team seek to bring peace, security and knowledge to their clients with comprehensive and effective solutions. Are you interested? You can find him on Instagram as @gabory10.

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