Gabriel Higareda Amezcua is a man who has excelled in different disciplines throughout his life. Born on February 26, 1990, Higareda holds a degree in Law and is a former professional motocross and enduro rider, in which he achieved significant accomplishments. In 2009, he became the national enduro champion in Mexico, while in 2006, 2007, and 2008, he won the regional motocross championship.

However, currently, Higareda is dedicated to boxing. He is a professional promoter of this sport and has the merit of being the youngest to have led a boxer to conquer the World Boxing Council (WBC) youth world title. His protege, César Vaca Espinosa, is 21 years old and has an impressive record of 16 wins and no losses, in the bantamweight and super bantamweight categories.

Higareda has ambitious plans for his pupil. Next March, Vaca Espinosa will travel to Tokyo, Japan, to join the camp of the undisputed world boxing champion, Naoya Inoue, currently considered the best boxer in Japan’s history. This is a unique opportunity for the young Mexican boxer to continue growing in his career and measure himself against one of the best in the world.

But Higareda is not just focused on boxing. He is also a founding partner of the Bio Capital Business Group, which is dedicated to the marketing of lighting fixtures and the development of self-sustainable energy stored in lithium batteries. Higareda is currently the sales director of the various companies that make up the group.

Gabriel Higareda Amezcua is an example of how effort and dedication can lead to achieving great accomplishments in different fields. From high-performance sports to the business world, Higareda has stood out and demonstrated his talent and leadership abilities.

Interested in his work? You can find him on Instagram as@gabbo_higareda.

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