Franco has been involved in the fitness world since he was very young. At the age of fifteen he played rugby and then started going to the gym to maintain his health and improve his physical appearance. He trained every day and followed what he thought was a healthy diet, but he never reached his goals. He has been stuck for ten years. He went to several nutritionists but, even following all the instructions didn’t help. 

Everything changed when he hired a personal trainer who modified his diet and accompanied him to the gym every day. In four months he was a different person. Franco says that, on one hand, he was very happy with his work and progress but, on the other hand, he was frustrated thinking “why nobody told him this ten years ago?”

As he watched his body change, he became more interested in the subject and began to do some research. Optimizing his training and nutrition to improve his physique became first a hobby and then a passion.

He took a one-year intensive Physique Coaching course and there was no turning back. Two months before finishing it he decided to sell his stake in two companies in the maritime sector and use what he learned to help all those people who are pedaling in the air like he was ten years ago. He also studied at The Henselmans PT Course Certification, Mac-Nutrition University N1, Education Biomechanics Course, JPS Health & Fitness Education, among others.

Franco seeks to teach and put into practice everything he learned manipulating his body during the last decade with the latest in physical optimization methods that he has absorbed by studying and reading. In relation to that, he comments: «FOR EACH SITUATION I CHOOSE TO PUT INTO PRACTICE METHODS AND TECHNIQUES BACKED BY SCIENCE.»

We all know that achieving a good body requires perseverance and discipline. But what is the best way to reach it? Nowadays we suffer from an overload of information that constantly contradicts itself and it only confuses more.

That is Franco´s motivation. His goal is to show you which methods have been studied by scientists and which are myths. He has studied all over the world with the most recognized educators in the fitness industry and continually seeks to update himself with the latest information in nutrition and training. 

He is not only informed on the science of transforming bodies, he also knows how to upgrade them in the most efficient way, without unnecessary hours of cardio or restrictive diets that only contribute to making the fitness plan less sustainable. 

With his approach, methods and techniques he has been able to help hundreds of people transform their bodies and radically improve their quality of life. You can be one of them, are you interested? find him on Instagram as @fsarli

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