In the field of dermatology, the name Francisca Daza resonates as a prominent figure in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dermatological conditions, as well as in performing aesthetic procedures. This Chilean physician, specialized in dermatology, has become a reference for her patients and colleagues, demonstrating an undeniable passion for her profession and an unwavering commitment to educating people about skincare.

After rigorous academic preparation and constant effort, she obtained her medical degree and, thanks to her dedication and outstanding achievements, secured a coveted position for her dermatology specialization. Her talent and expertise led her to work at the prestigious Clínica Alemana in Chile, where she gained valuable clinical experience and deep knowledge in the field of dermatology.

However, destiny had broader plans for this professional as she also found love along the way. During her time at Clínica Alemana, she met her current husband, a Brazilian, which led her to make an important decision in her life and career. After two years at the clinic, she moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where she continued her dermatology training by specializing in dermocosmetology. In this subspecialty, Daza acquired in-depth knowledge of aesthetic dermatology and immersed herself in the world of aesthetic treatments.

In Brazil, Francisca also validated her medical degree and had the opportunity to work as a dermatologist in a public hospital, teaching medical students, and attending to patients in her private practice. For three years, she lived and breathed Brazilian dermatological medicine, enriching her clinical experience and further expanding her vision in the field of dermatology.

With a solid education in both Chile and Brazil, Dr. Daza decided to return to her home country. Since then, she has tirelessly dedicated herself to providing quality dermatological care to her patients, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin conditions. Additionally, she has excelled as an expert in aesthetic treatments, including laser procedures, botulinum toxin injections, and fillers, helping her patients feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance.

Daza’s passion for teaching has also made a significant impact on her professional journey. She currently holds the position of adjunct professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo, where she shares her knowledge and experience with students and young dermatologists. Her dedication to teaching reflects her desire to inspire the next generation of dermatologists and ensure that the profession continues to grow and improve.

Francisca’s distinguished career has been recognized by important international institutions in the field of dermatology. Since 2014, she has been a full member of the COLEGIO IBERO LATINO AMERICANO DE DERMATOLOGÍA, demonstrating her outstanding contribution and commitment to dermatology at a regional level. Furthermore, since the same year, she has been an international member of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY, a prestigious institution that promotes excellence in dermatology worldwide. This international recognition underscores the quality and scope of her work, as well as her dedication to continuous improvement in dermatological care. As a full member of the SOCIEDAD INTERNACIONAL DE DERMATOSCOPIA, Daza has also demonstrated her commitment to advancing this particular subspecialty. Dermatoscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that uses a handheld microscope to examine skin lesions, allowing for more accurate evaluation of skin changes and early detection of potential conditions.

In addition to her clinical work, she deeply cares about her patients and educating the community about skincare. Regarding viral skincare trends, she emphasizes the importance of being cautious with vitamins and acids, as their improper use can cause harm to the skin. Instead

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