Sara Maldonado Trujillo, an entrepreneur by heart, has a mission in life, to empower women.

Sara has stood out in recent years for developing an empire that empowers other women through one of her passions, makeup. She started by offering individual makeup courses a few years ago; today, she teaches masterclasses in more than 15 countries, offers professional services in her salons in Monterrey, and has a spectacular line of cosmetics. «I love helping my clients feel the most beautiful,» says Sara with a smile on her face.

As a good entrepreneur, Sara is a woman in constant evolution and development, committed to sharing her knowledge and experiences to continue creating a community and a network of support and empowerment that helps other women achieve the financial success and freedom that allows them to be owners of their own lives and their future.

It is with this conviction that Sara decides to take her mission to the next level; and together with her partner, Bárbara de la Rosa, she undertakes SMT Inversiones with the firm conviction of turning more women into property owners.

According to data from INEGI, in Mexico, only 3 out of 10 women are property owners, despite representing more than 50% of the population. There is no doubt that the gender economic inequality present in our country is a cause (or perhaps a consequence) of a deeply sexist society.

Fortunately, more and more women like Sara and Bárbara have taken the initiative to change these statistics through their work with other women. In just one year of operation, they have managed to turn more than 1,000 Mexican women into property owners, who now own a patrimony.

But the mission does not end there, in fact, it is just beginning… It is a fact that many women want to achieve financial freedom, the challenge is to be able to do so in an informed way. And it is precisely thanks to Sara and Bárbara’s experience that SMT Inversiones understands and protects this need in women through continuous education; by sharing not only their experiences but also their knowledge and learning on all their social networks and online through Master classes on their website.

To join the learning and financial education community that SMT Inversiones (@smtinversiones) is building and nurturing, especially focused on women, you can do so through Facebook, Instagram (@saramaldonadot), and TikTok.

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