Xavier Caballol is an Andorra-born businessman known in every social media as «FerrariMan». Mixing his passion about high-end cars and the motor world with a lot of effort and dedication allowed him to obtain his much desired Ferrari.

But allowing himself to celebrate and showing it to the world had consequences. As a result, several posts on famous social networks, such as Instagram and TikTok, went viral and began to reach the TV shows. They went against him and published the videos with unfavorable comments, but he didnt do anything illegal and he has never put anyone’s life in danger. There was no excuse for that accusation.

It instantly generated a controversy among the citizens of Andorra, where you could find people in favor and against, but FerrariMan did not give up «I’m a rebel, I don’t like authority» he said. He decided to use his freedom and go against the TV shows to defend his position.

This rebellious man is not afraid of the media, if you want to know about his Ferrari and what he does with it, you can find him on instagram as @ferrariman888 

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