Feritalia and Tijeritas are two men who have made their fortunes in the business world and have decided to enjoy life to the fullest. They both share a great passion for exotic cars and vehicle modifications, and have made this hobby their lifestyle.

Feritalia, as its name suggests, is an Italian who has settled in Mexico. Through his Instagram account, @feritalia1, and his YouTube channel, FER ITALIA – YouTube, we can see photos and videos of his impressive cars, ranging from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to high-end Rolls Royces and Mercedes-Benz. But Feritalia is not limited to collecting cars, he also uses his social media to share with others his passion for car customization and tuning, and owns a tuning and customization workshop for cars in Mexico City.

Meanwhile, Tijeritas is a Mexican entrepreneur who has succeeded in the entertainment industry. In addition to owning several businesses in the entertainment industry, Tijeritas is also known for his passion for cars. On his Instagram account, we can see pictures of his customized cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador and a BMW i8.

But these two multimillionaires not only collect and customize cars. They also enjoy the nightlife, and are regulars at the most exclusive events in the city, surrounded by artists and celebrities. In fact, Tijeritas is known for managing the careers of several Mexican comedians, which has allowed him to rub shoulders with some of the most popular faces on television.

Recently, they have also opened the best Italian gelato shop in Mexico City called @gelatosracing, which will soon open in Miami and Los Angeles, California. With a sports car theme, it offers an incredible experience and delicious ice cream flavors.

Through their Instagram accounts, we can closely follow the lives of Feritalia and @tijeritas_ro, and admire their luxurious and exclusive lifestyle. But we can also appreciate their passion for cars and the world of motorsport, which has made them two of the most successful and recognized entrepreneurs in the country.

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