Asesoría Quirúrgica is a Colombian company specialized in surgical medical services. With eight years of experience and more than fifteen thousand surgical procedures performed, it has positioned itself as a leader in Colombia and has begun to expand internationally in countries such as Chile, Spain, and the United States.

They offer a wide variety of surgical procedures, such as plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, bariatric surgery, liposculpture, lipotransfer, mastopexy, and liposuction. They have a highly trained team and state-of-the-art technology to guarantee quality care and the successful completion of each procedure.

Patients interested in learning more about Asesoría Quirúrgica’s services can contact them through their Instagram account @asesoriqurirugica.

In summary, Asesoría Quirúrgica positions itself as a reliable and high-quality option for those seeking excellent surgical medical attention, both in Colombia and abroad.

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