Ernesto Echevarría is an entrepreneur who has managed to stand out in the world of finance and real estate in the city of Miami.

Echevarría has consolidated his position in the business world thanks to his real estate license and his master’s degree in finance. Since 2011, he has been working with bankrupt properties provided by the police or the court, legalizing them to be put on the market.

At the age of 23, Echevarría began working in court and has since proven to be a savvy investor with extensive financial experience. This is why he has become one of the most successful players in Miami’s real estate market, establishing his own real estate firm, The Cosmopolitan BLD.

One of Echevarría’s most outstanding characteristics is his ability to work in a team. He takes care of the investments while his team prepares the property and sells it.

He has also stated that none of his achievements would be possible without the help of his chosen family and friends, who live in his Miami home. Among them are Willy Chirino, one of the most important public figures in the city, and his wife Lisset Alvarez, a highly recognized singer.

Echevarría has also demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit by participating in different projects. In 2021, together with the actress, model, and personal friend Lis Vega, he carried out a project that went viral worldwide: the production of a calendar.

Furthermore, he has expanded his business ventures to the world of jewelry, as he will soon marry Pedro Iglesias, owner of Boyssilver, the largest silver jewelry exporter from Taxco, Mexico, to the United States and Europe, with major contracts with Costco and TJM. Since 2011, his husband has played a fundamental role in supporting us in all of our business ventures.

Thanks to all of this, since 2011, he has been traveling for 2 months a year around the world to visit places like Vietnam, Japan, Cairo, Maldives Island, Petra «the famous lost city,» and many other places that were captured in photos and videos.

Ernesto Echevarría’s success is undoubtedly the result of his hard work and dedication in the business world. His ability to work in a team, his entrepreneurial vision, and his entrepreneurial spirit are some of the qualities that have led him to success in his career. Undoubtedly, an example of perseverance and dedication for many young entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @thecosmopolitanbld or on his personal account as @ernesto112233.

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