Amidst the global health crisis unleashed by the pandemic, many people found creative ways to cope with confinement and uncertainty. For Erick Gerardo Avalos Fuentes, this turbulent period was the catalyst to discover his true passion and use it to make a difference in the lives of others.

Erick, known on social media as @ErickGAF, started creating videos on TikTok that explored topics such as love, heartbreak, and deep reflections on life. As his content resonated with users, his number of followers began to grow significantly. That’s when he realized the power he had to positively influence people’s lives through social media.

With over 3 million followers on TikTok, 340,000 on Facebook, and recently celebrating the achievement of the coveted YouTube plaque for reaching 100k subscribers, Erick has managed to build an impressive following on various platforms. His videos, filled with empathy and wisdom, have touched the lives of millions of people worldwide, providing them with motivation, inspiration, and reminding them of the value of self-love.

«Many people, many followers, send me messages every day telling me that thanks to my videos, they had the courage or found the strength to let go of people who didn’t add anything to their lives,» shares Erick. «They tell me that thanks to my videos, they were able to open their eyes and realize they were being used or clinging to unrequited love.»

Erick’s influence in the lives of his followers is evident in the stories they share. People who were once in toxic or imbalanced relationships have found the necessary strength to walk away and start valuing themselves. His videos have acted as a guide for those trapped in harmful relationships, providing them with the emotional support needed to make a positive change in their lives.

«Thanks to their choice to let go of that person, they begin to value themselves more, to love themselves more, and they experience a great positive change in their lives,» highlights Erick. «That’s why I continue making videos and doing live streams on Facebook because it satisfies me to know that I can help two or three people, and that makes me feel good.»

Erick’s work goes beyond creating online content. Aware that many people are suffering from love, trapped in unhappy relationships, or experiencing various forms of emotional abuse, Erick seeks to raise awareness and promote change in society. He uses his platform to foster the importance of self-love, self-worth, and mutual respect in relationships.

«I firmly believe that nobody should suffer for love or be unhappy in their relationship,» asserts Erick with conviction. «It’s time to break free from toxic patterns and build relationships based on respect, equality, and genuine love.»

The positive impact of Erick Gerardo Avalos Fuentes in the lives of his followers is undeniable. Through his authenticity and powerful messages, he has not only amassed followers but also changed lives. With his dedication and passion for helping others, he has become a beacon of hope for those in need of a reminder of their own worth and a guide to finding happiness in self-love.

If you’re interested in his content, you can find him on all his social media platforms as @erickfuentesmx.

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