The famous content creator, El Chonto Cali, has managed to conquer locals and foreigners alike with his humor and passion for Cali’s culture. Through his videos and posts, he has made the Cali accent and customs fashionable, generating a significant impact in promoting and spreading the city’s culture.

But it’s not just about humor and entertainment. El Chonto has also demonstrated his social commitment through his «la buena espalda» initiative. It all started when El Chonto visited street vendors in the streets of Cali and bought all their products in a few minutes. He started with a vendor selling «mazamorra» and «champús,» but he continued with sales of fruits and fried foods.

The influencer talks to the vendors, asks them how their day is going, and then several people start to arrive. The sales that can take all morning and sometimes aren’t completed all, end up in minutes. Informal workers end up grateful and excited, as demonstrated by the case of a fried food vendor who ended up crying with emotion.

El Chonto has become an ambassador and emblem of Cali’s culture, and his social commitment to the city has led him to create this initiative. As he points out on his social media, he will continue to implement «La buena espalda» and create groups that allow him to continue traveling around Cali to buy from street vendors.

El Chonto’s initiative has had a significant impact in promoting and spreading the city and has been an important help for many informal workers who depend on «rebusque» to survive.

On the other hand, El Chonto is a lover of salsa, as demonstrated in his videos, and last October, he opened his first «salchipapas» restaurant called «La Salsera,» which has become an icon of the city, being one of the most visited places by tourists and locals.

In conclusion, El Chonto Cali has become an ambassador and emblem of Cali’s culture, generating a significant impact in promoting and spreading the city’s culture nationally and internationally. His social work and commitment to the city have made him a reference for many, and his passion for salsa has been the inspiration to create an emblematic place in the city.

In a world of constant change, it’s important to value and promote the culture and traditions of our cities. People like El Chonto Cali are an example of how this can be achieved through humor, social commitment, and passion for local music and food. Thanks to his work, Cali’s culture remains current and present in the minds of many. Do you want to get to know him? You can find him on Instagram as @elchontocali.

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