Efra is a man that has dedicated his entire life to hard work. He started being really young and with few resources: he worked in a garbage truck, selling food and in a food market. Yet he never stopped, always with his head held high he achieved everything he put his mind into in a clean and fair way. 

Knowing what it is to fight against misfortunes Efra always tries to help those who need it most, for example, giving blankets to pass the cold and food to those who do not have a home. He also collaborates with hospitals to help children with terminal illnesses. 

Today, with 28 years old, he is a very attractive businessman who succeeds in the world of real estate and owns his own finance company. His next goal is to get into the hotel industry and grow his new project: renting exotic cars.

It all started in the pandemic, when he decided to buy several exotic cars so that clients could rent them and live a unique experience in Polanco. That’s how Exclusive rental Car 2022 was born, a company that rents cars and armored vans. Clients can’t take the car all day long, this business only works for fans like him that just want to live the experience of driving them through the main roads of CDMX. In the process, they record a video so that the client can exploit it in his social media at a very affordable price. The only thing you have to do is sign a contract, leave a deposit and the client drives alone, guarded by a policeman to make sure they are safe.

An innovative project, never seen before in Mexico. Some international artists such as Zion & Lennox, were interested in sponsoring the project and this amazing businessman already has other proposals. Also, the idea is to eventually take this success to the United States to conquer the Miami market.

If you are interested in meeting this young, handsome, wealthy, lover of women and really predisposed to treat them as they deserve, you can find him on Instagram as @efraa_vergara.

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