Dr. Percy Jesus Nuñez Villar is a renowned pioneer in the application of gluteal lipotransfer technique using helium gas neumodissection and ultrasound guidance in plastic surgery. In his early years in 2005, he used conventional laser and has been able to achieve amazing results by extracting unwanted fat and transferring it to other parts of the body, especially in the buttocks.

Over time, he has improved his technique and combined various technologies, including eco-guided laser and neumodissection with CO2. Dr. Blugerman was an important reference for him when he published his article on neumodissection and intraoperative external vacuum with CO2 for the preparation of the recipient bed of autologous fat graft in aesthetic reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Percy Nuñez Villar’s technique involves the use of medical helium and a high-frequency generator to cut, coagulate, and remove tissue, as well as the use of an ultrasound to increase safety in treatment and minimize trauma in treated areas.

In addition, he uses a closed system of lipotransfer to avoid contamination of the fat and apply it in a fan shape, respecting the subcutaneous plane in a parallel manner without angulation of the infiltration cannula.

Dr. Percy Nuñez Villar has achieved over 200 successful cases with this technique and has shared his knowledge at important plastic surgery congresses in Latin America. He is an expert in the application of cutting-edge technologies to achieve natural and magnificent results in buttock projection in his patients.

If you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @dr.percynunezvillar.

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