In the exciting world of real estate development, there are leaders who stand out for their expertise, vision, and unique skills. One of them is Dr. Mohammad Baydoun, also known as Dr. Risk Management. In this exclusive interview, we delve into his fascinating life and discover how he has successfully combined his experience in real estate development with his other passions and achievements.

Welcome, Dr. Baydoun. It’s a pleasure to have you here. As the Head of Development and Concept at DAMAC Properties LLC, you lead a diverse team of professionals. Could you tell us a bit about your journey in the real estate industry and your current work at DAMAC Properties?

Thank you for having me. My career in the real estate industry has been an exciting adventure. It began in Beirut and has taken me to Dubai, where I currently reside. At DAMAC Properties, I have the honor of heading the Development and Concept Department, where I lead a team comprising urban planners, urban designers and architects, financial and sales analysts, and engineers. Our goal is to develop quality real estate projects with commercial success.

In addition to your impressive career in the real estate industry, we’ve heard that you have other interesting facets. Could you tell us more about your achievements in martial arts and your experience as an author?

Certainly! In addition to my work in the real estate sector, I have a great interest in martial arts. I hold black belts in karate and mixed martial arts. Martial arts, for me, represent discipline, focus, and personal growth.

Regarding writing, I have had the privilege of publishing over 18 works in my field of expertise. These writings cover a wide range of topics related to urban development and business strategies. Sharing my knowledge through writing is a way to contribute to the advancement of my industry and provide valuable insights to other professionals.

That’s truly impressive. Besides your work at DAMAC Properties, you have also managed several significant projects throughout your career. Could you mention some of the notable projects you have worked on?

Certainly. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to manage renowned projects. Some of them include the Al Zahia project, the D4 project, Lebanon Water Front City, the King Abdullah Expansion at Al-Haram Makkah in Saudi Arabia, and Jazirat Al Aaarass, among others. Each of these projects presented unique challenges and required meticulous planning and execution to achieve successful outcomes.

That is truly commendable, Dr. Baydoun. Your experience as an educator has surely made a significant impact on the next generation of professionals. Speaking of your academic background, we have noticed that you have an extensive academic trajectory. Could you tell us more about your educational achievements and how they have contributed to your career?

Certainly. My academic background has been instrumental in my professional development. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and additionally, a Doctorate in Business Administration, an Executive Master’s in Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in Urban Design. This multidisciplinary education has provided me with a comprehensive perspective and allowed me to engage in structuring complex development projects, as well as creating integrated business strategies to achieve commercial success for projects. My academic experience has also led me to be a thesis supervisor in the Doctorate in Business Administration program at Grenoble Ecole De Management and a visiting researcher at the Laboratory of Management Sciences at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Your academic achievements and how you have utilized that knowledge base in your career are truly impressive. We have also noticed that you have received various professional and academic awards throughout your career. Could you tell us about some of the notable recognitions you have received?

I feel honored to have received various recognitions throughout my career. Among the most notable awards is the nomination for the Shoman Award for Best Researcher in the Arab World, as well as the Ghanem Al Shama’ Award for Best Graduation Project. These recognitions are a testament to the effort and dedication I have put into my work and my contribution to my field of specialization.

Making a difference in the community is one of the fundamental pillars of my professional approach. I firmly believe in the importance of giving back to society and making a positive impact in the world. Through my work in real estate development, I seek to create spaces that are not only functional and aesthetically appealing but also contribute to the well-being of people and the sustainable growth of communities. Additionally, my commitment extends through education, both as a professor and thesis supervisor, providing future generations with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the real estate development industry. Ultimately, my goal is to leave a positive and lasting legacy in the world through my work and actions.

Thank you, Dr. Baydoun, for sharing your inspiring story and vision in the world of real estate development. Your multidisciplinary approach, outstanding achievements, and dedication to making a difference are truly exemplary. Your ability to lead large-scale real estate projects, combined with your accomplishments in martial arts and writing, demonstrate your determination and exceptional skills. We are confident that your work will continue to leave a positive impact on the industry and the community at large.

Thank you for your kind words. It has been a pleasure to share my story and perspectives with you. I hope that my experience can inspire others to pursue their passions and make a difference in their respective fields. The world of real estate development offers endless opportunities to create enhanced and sustainable environments, and I am committed to continuing to contribute in that regard.

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