Mental health is a fundamental topic that, unfortunately, is not discussed with the necessary frequency and depth in our society. However, Dr. Mariana V. Calderón, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, is committed to helping people have a healthy mind and, consequently, a better quality of life in all aspects.

Since her childhood, the doctor has always been interested in biology, science, and, in particular, human behavior. She decided to study medicine with the idea of becoming a psychiatrist and trying to better understand the functioning of the psyche.

Currently, she treats a wide variety of conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, and even psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. She also collaborates with other specialists such as neurologists, internists, and even plastic surgeons to approach the patient comprehensively and offer a better outcome to the patient.

What stands out about Dr. Calderón is her human approach and her ability to connect with her patients. For her, establishing a therapeutic alliance is essential for the clinical improvement of anyone. In her office, patients feel listened to and understood, without judgment or prejudice, and find a safe space where they can speak freely and work on their recovery.

Dr. Calderón has also ventured into social media with her project on Instagram called «Mi Psiquiatra Dice» (My Psychiatrist Says). On her page, she addresses topics that are often taboo, trying to normalize and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, trying to «make the invisible illness visible» with every post; a phrase that characterizes her brand.

In addition, through games and memes, she gets people to identify and seek help if they need it. All of this is done without profit and with the aim of psychoeducating people and raising awareness about the importance of mental health, as there is no health without mental health.

Dr. Calderón does not stop here. She has future projects that include obtaining a Specialization in Addictions and is about to launch her own line of products with fun phrases about mental health, whose profits will be donated to a mental health association for the homeless and low-income people.

Dr. Mariana V. Calderón is a professional committed to her work, putting the mental health of her patients first and society in general. Her human approach, her ability to listen, her professional ethics, and her way of connecting with her patients, her social media project, are a testament to her passion for psychiatry and her desire to help people lead a healthier life.

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