Dr. Luis Garza is a medical surgeon and midwife graduated from the University of Guadalajara who has dedicated his professional career to providing medical care to children and adolescents. In addition to a strong background in pediatrics, the doctor decided to expand his knowledge in pediatric clinical nutrition and has become a Certified Breastfeeding Consultant.

He obtained a Master’s degree in Pediatric Nutrition from the European Institute of Business Studies and has completed various Diplomas on topics related to child health, including Neurodevelopment and Early Stimulation, Comprehensive Toxicology, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, Clinical Research, Pediatric Emergencies, and Feeding in Neurological Patients.

As a private physician, Dr. Luis Garza focuses on providing comprehensive and preventive care for the health of children and adolescents, with a special focus on nutrition and neurodevelopment. He also offers care to children with disabilities, providing them with comprehensive and specialized treatment.

The doctor is a highly trained professional with years of experience in the care of child health. His dedication and advanced knowledge make him an excellent choice for parents seeking quality medical care for their children.

Moreover, throughout his career, Luis has demonstrated a deep commitment to child health by giving international presentations to other specialists and making repeated appearances in the media to share his knowledge and expertise as an expert physician. He has appeared on television in five different programs and has been a special guest on seven radio programs to educate about proper child health care. These efforts have contributed to raising public awareness and generating a positive impact on overall child well-being. You can access some of his appearances at:



In summary, Dr. Luis Garza is a highly trained and dedicated pediatrician who provides comprehensive and preventive medical care to children and adolescents, with a special focus on nutrition and neurodevelopment. A true expert in child health! Interested in learning more about his work? You can find him on Instagram as @dr.luis.garza.

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