The good results and implementation of new technologies and techniques in the plastic surgery practiced by Dr. Hugo Aguilar has led to a tremendous growth in the volume of foreign patients.

At present, Dr. Hugo is ranked as one of the best in the country due to his good results, experience, and great charisma towards his patients.

Thanks to the high recognition of the excellent work of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Hugo Aguilar Villa, Colombia has become one of the preferred destinations for foreigners when deciding to undergo an aesthetic procedure.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) revealed the figures from the latest edition of its study on surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures performed worldwide in 2021, the most recent data to date. According to the study, there was a worldwide increase of 19.3% in the number of procedures performed in that year compared to 2020.

They indicated that the increase was largely due to the fact that the number of procedures in 2020 decreased due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That year, the overall decrease was -1.8% for all procedures and -10.9% for surgical procedures.

Colombia has entered the top 10 countries where the most aesthetic plastic surgeries and non-surgical procedures are performed in the world. After Turkey and before Mexico and Thailand, it is the nation with the highest proportion of foreign patients.

For surgeon Hugo Aguilar Villa, a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery, this growing trend is due to the level of professionalism of doctors in Colombia and the advantage in terms of costs for foreign patients due to the fall of the peso against the dollar.

«A procedure can cost up to 50% less for them in Colombia than what they would pay in their countries of origin. As surgeons, we have focused not only on offering them very good medical attention, but also on providing relaxation experiences, care, and tourism in the country in the context of their procedures,» he commented.

The ranking of countries with the most surgeries is led by the United States, where 24.1% of the world’s aesthetic procedures are performed, followed by Brazil (8.9%) and Japan (5.7%). In Colombia, a total of 555,276 procedures were performed in 2021, of which 374,076 were surgical and 181,200 were non-surgical procedures, placing the country in the number 10 position in the ranking.

As for the most popular procedures worldwide, liposuction continues to rank first, with a total of 1,903,063 in 2021, which corresponds to an increase of 24.8% compared to the previous year.

Breast augmentation, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), and finally abdominoplasty follow closely behind, with a global increase of 29.5%.

In Colombia, liposuction also leads, followed by breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, buttock augmentation, and blepharoplasty.

«Although medicine has advanced, there are still many people who, when choosing a surgeon, lean towards the lowest prices or the photos they share on Instagram, and this is not a good indicator to make a decision. The recommendation is to consult official websites of plastic surgery councils by country, which certify that a professional has the necessary academic support to perform a procedure,» Aguilar Villa emphasized.

According to Dr. Gianluca Campiglio, editor of the global survey and plastic surgeon in Italy, «these data clearly reflect the experience of recovery after the negative impact of Covid”.

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