Dr. Erick Piskulich is a prominent bariatric surgeon at Clínica Avendaño who has helped numerous patients improve their quality of life through weight loss surgeries. Recently, he granted an exclusive interview to Diario Médico to share his experience and knowledge.

In the interview, Dr. Piskulich discusses the different types of bariatric surgery currently performed, such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. He also emphasizes the importance of appropriate patient selection, as not all individuals are candidates for these procedures. This requires a detailed analysis of their medical history and a multidisciplinary approach involving specialists such as nutritionists, psychologists, and endocrinologists.

Dr. Piskulich also addresses myths and realities about bariatric surgery, such as the belief that it is an easy and quick solution for weight loss. However, he explains that it is a complex process that requires adequate preparation and long-term follow-up to ensure its success.

Regarding his experience at Clínica Avendaño, Dr. Piskulich highlights the personalized and humane approach offered to patients, who are treated individually with a high degree of commitment from the entire medical team. He also mentions the use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safety and effectiveness of procedures.

Overall, the interview with Dr. Erick Piskulich is a unique opportunity to get to know the work of a specialist in bariatric surgery and learn more about one of the most effective solutions for combating obesity and its complications.

If you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @dr.piskulich.

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