In the fascinating world of equestrianism, there are notable figures who inspire with their dedication. One of those names is Dr. Cesar Parra, a former Colombian rider who obtained US citizenship in 2008, now proudly representing the United States, who has left an indelible mark in the world of classical dressage in both his native country and the United States. His passion for horses and his philosophy of development based on quality has led Parra to represent the United States in international competitions and achieve numerous triumphs throughout his career. In this article, we will explore the trajectory of this successful rider; his achievements as a trainer, and his focus on classical riding.

In the captivating world of equestrianism, where effort and dedication are key to achieving success, the name of Dr. Cesar Parra resonates as one of Colombia’s most prominent riders. However, his story is not limited solely to his home country, as his version of the American dream came true in 2011 when he represented the United States in the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Riding Grandioso, Parra not only raised the American flag high but also helped secure a team gold medal for his new country.

Parra’s philosophy is based on the purchase and development of horses until they reach their full potential. An example of this was the sale of the 2001 German gelding, Grosso Z, to the Glock Performance Horse Centre in Austria. However, one of the most significant triumphs was winning the Intermediate National Championship in 2010 during the Collecting Gaits Farm/USE Dressage Festival of Champions, riding Olympia, owned by Dr. Lori Washington.

«It was a very special experience to compete in a National Championship wearing the red, white, and blue colors,» says Dr. Parra with genuine pride.

Under the name «Festival of Champions – Parra Wins!» the latest great achievement of Parra, Van the Man, a 2002 KWPN gelding son of Obelisk, scored 73.2% in the Olympic Special Grand Prix at the WEF Wellington Dressage 2012 Nations’ Cup. After qualifying and competing in the 2012 USET Olympic Selection Trials in Gladstone, New Jersey, Parra’s decision to take things slowly during the summer paid off when Van the Man, looking energetic and in good shape, won the Saugerties CDI-W FEI Grand Prix and finished second in the Olympic Special Grand Prix.

Despite his successful competitions and journeys to Germany to buy horses, Dr. Cesar Parra does not forget his roots and returns to Colombia every summer and early autumn to conduct riding clinics.

Additionally, he plans to add Argentina, Canada and Brazil to his clinic schedule. He believes in creating international bridges for talent and learning, where the energy and passion between instructors and students drive a higher level of rider and horse training.

With an extensive list of achievements as a trainer, Dr. Cesar Parra has earned over 13 medals in the North American Young Rider Championships, has led multiple amateur and young riders to win regional championships from the Grand Prix level, has earned the Pony Champion title at the US Dressage National Championship, and has achieved Gold and Bronze medals in the National Games and Championships of Colombia. Furthermore, he has trained several riders who have won medals in the Pan American Games and has guided others to compete in the US Young Horse Championships.

Under the name «Dr. Cesar Parra Dressage Sport» he and his team offer personalized full-service training for all levels, based on classical riding and supported by high-level results. The training program is designed for both the rider and the horse, as the team takes initiative to maintain constant communication with owners, veterinarians, farriers, and other service providers to ensure the horse’s well-being is the highest priority.

Dr. Parra’s training method is based on the teachings of the ancient Masters and the refinement of some modern riders. These methods are based on the Training Scale: Relaxation, Rhythm, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, and Collection. This scale is the foundation of the Classical System and Dr.Parra’s training philosophy.

In summary, Cesar Parra is a well-traveled and successful man. His inspiring story and disciplined approach have led numerous riders and horses to achieve success in national and international competitions. His commitment to classical training and his passion for sharing his knowledge with others demonstrate that he is a true leader in the field of equestrianism. With a highly functional team and a vision focused on forming a harmonious unity between rider, horse, trainer, and support professionals, Dr. Cesar Parra continues to leave a lasting imprint on the world of classical dressage.

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