In the heart of Santiago lies one of the most important travel agencies in Chile: Divex Tour Travel. With a long history in the tourism market, the company has achieved success thanks to its commitment to excellence and quality customer service.

Gustavo Fonseca, CEO of Divex Tour Travel, has led the company to become a leader in the Chilean tourism market, offering high-quality tourism services and personalized attention to each client.

The company, which also has an online presence through its website, offers a wide range of tourism services, from national and international travel planning to booking accommodations, flights, and tourist activities.

In addition, Divex Tour Travel has stood out for its attention to the most demanding clients, including artists such as Jorge Guerrero and the comedian Che Gaetano. They have also served a large number of important content creators in Chile, demonstrating their ability to meet the needs of their most exclusive clients.

But beyond their attention to the famous, Divex Tour Travel takes pride in offering exceptional service to all its clients, regardless of their fame or social status. The company has a highly trained team committed to customer satisfaction, allowing them to offer high-quality service at every stage of the journey.

From trip planning to returning home, Divex Tour Travel ensures that every detail is taken care of to guarantee the best possible experience for its clients. With its extensive experience in the tourism market, the company has become a benchmark in the travel industry in Chile, standing out for its commitment to quality and excellence in service.

If you are looking for a reliable travel agency to plan your next vacation, do not hesitate to visit Divex Tour Travel’s office in the center of Santiago or visit their website Divex Tour Travel ( for more information about their tourism services.

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