Have you ever felt like you’re not living the life you truly want? Haru Escárcega knows exactly how that feels. After struggling with clinical depression and contemplating suicide, Haru discovered the spiritual and energetic world through a ThetaHealing session, which led her to seek consciousness and self-awareness.

Since then, she has explored various energy therapies and techniques, eventually recognizing her ability to contribute to and transform energy. With over 10,000 people helped through personalized sessions, courses, conferences, and healing support, Haru has become an expert in facilitating consciousness in the world.

Haru founded her own company called «HARU HEALING» where she shares energy tools to expand consciousness. Her goal is to empower people to recognize their ability to transform their reality.

Despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, Haru has found a way to continue her work online. In March 2020, she created a 21-day online program designed to transform people’s reality. This program has been taken by over 4500 people in the six editions that have occurred since then.

Haru’s bestselling program teaches people to be aware of the life they have created so far and how to transform absolutely everything that limits them. Through the use of energy exercises, powerful techniques, and tools, people can learn to receive from the universe and recognize the magic they truly are.

Haru’s inspiring story shows us how we can transform our lives by finding our true calling. If you’re looking for spiritual guidance to find your way to self-awareness and inner healing, Haru Escárcega is an excellent choice! If you’re interested in her work, you can find her on Instagram as @haruhealing.

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