In 1983, in Mexico City, Diego was born, passionate about nature.
He currently has a degree in business administration from the Anahuac University in 2011 and director of Agro-arterrana, a company with 15 years of experience dedicated to the production of trees and ornamental plants, as well as the planning, implementation and maintenance of landscape projects and exteriorism.
In turn, he is a founding member of Refugio Salvaje, a conservation center focused on the research, rehabilitation, reproduction and environmental education of Mexican birds of prey, particularly the golden eagle, a national symbol.
He also ventured more than 10 years ago into the field of photography, focusing his talent on nature. His passion lies in the discovery of biodiversity, which has led to photographing species from different parts of the world.
Diego, developing how he lives this work, says that the most he says that what he likes the most is to save that moment that you have to live when you are in contact with the natural world. That's why he started with photography, to store those memories. He adds that what is particular and magical about nature photography is that, when looking for a specific photo, you can rather find an unexpected and unforgettable moment, as Cartier-Bresson called it: "the decisive moment", that which you do not expect and happens, making you decide at that moment that "that" is the photo.
This activity has allowed him to get closer to animal ethology; observe and understand the component of animals in their environment, understanding the reason for each gesture or attitude of the different species. With his incredible ability to capture the beauty of nature through photography, he sought to promote their dissemination and conservation.
Diego's main passion is to always be surrounded by nature, share his experiences and always contribute something for its conservation. Creating awareness of everything we have left to do for our ecosystem. Would you like to know more about his work? You can find him on Instagram as @soydiegordz.

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