With an innate passion for cooking from a young age, Diana Soto has achieved great success in her career as an international chef and entrepreneur. Born in the Zulia state of Venezuela, Diana has become one of the most recognized chefs in the United States thanks to her ability to create easy, quick, and delicious recipes that she shares with her followers on her Instagram account.

But her career trajectory does not stop there, as she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Gastronomic Criticism at the Gastroactitud school, where she specializes in evaluating restaurants in all aspects. In addition, Diana is also a successful entrepreneur with her Swiss steel doors and windows company in Texas, called Steel Entry.

Diana, who has a background in communications and public relations, graduated as a chef in Maracaibo 15 years ago and has since focused on perfecting her ability to create unique and delicious dishes. Although she has never worked in a restaurant, she has been in charge of catering during her travels due to her culinary skills.

Since her childhood, Diana has been surrounded by nature and animals on her father’s farm in Villa del Rosario, the country’s first producer of milk and meat. It was there where she began her career as a chef at the age of 9, and she has been supported at all times by her family. Her father was her best diner, and her mother always supported her in each of her projects.

Over the years, Diana became more demanding and refined her palate. She learned to distinguish whether the sauces were homemade or purchased in a restaurant, and discovered each of the ingredients in every meal, which became an invaluable tool for her career.

Despite the fact that the women in her family cook deliciously, Diana is considered the most demanding in terms of the quality of her dishes. Her passion for gastronomy has led her to explore the world and create unique recipes that have delighted thousands of people.

In addition to her achievements as a chef and entrepreneur, Diana Soto has appeared as a guest on the @quierotvsiemprecontigo program twice, where she has shared her recipes and culinary tips with the audience. She has also had the opportunity to cook at the San Juan exotic meat market in Mexico City, and is currently in the process of opening her own gourmet street taco stand in the same city. These achievements demonstrate Diana’s versatility and talent in the gastronomy industry, as well as her dedication to continue exploring new challenges and opportunities in her career.

Diana Soto is a proud Venezuelan of her roots and her passion for cooking. With her talent and dedication, she has conquered the world of gastronomy and has become a successful entrepreneur in the United States. Without a doubt, her career and her success are a testament to the power of following our passions and pursuing our dreams no matter the obstacles that may arise along the way.

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