The last few years have served to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in our daily lives. The pandemic has meant the turning point that we needed at a social level in the ways in which we take care of ourselves, not only in relation to our physical well-being, but also in everything related to the stability and care that our minds need. A trend that has led to the visibility of the work of a large number of professionals who have been offering their services on this issue for many years.
This is the case of Day Martínez, one of the most important professionals in this field in our country. An entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience developing projects with a high impact on society, based on sustainability, ecology and, above all, awareness. She is also a Transpersonal Therapist specializing in couples therapy and conscious eating and founder of @conscientementesomos.
Day has even posted notable growth on her social media as more people have taken an interest in her qualities. His knowledge and experience regarding meditation and how it can change our lives, as well as the materialization of desires and everything related to personal development have been some of the keys that explain the notoriety he has in the present. Consolidating herself as one of the most renowned professionals on the national scene.
Betting on organic and balanced growth

Personal growth and development includes a large number of elements that must be taken into account so that our growth as a person is carried out in a balanced way. Allowing to cover all the areas that our body needs when it comes to being able to ensure the best results. To do this, Day Martínez has been immersed in personal development for more than a decade, directing not only people, but also teams, in pursuit of all their objectives. Its workshops, courses and training that it offers throughout our territory have allowed us to find ourselves before one of the professionals with the greatest engagement and number of followers on their social networks.
A simple Google search for Day Martínez is more than enough to get a first-hand look at his personal account. There we can see their latest publications, stories and everything that has to do with the exercise of their activity. It even has the publication of several digital books, an audiobook, plus a book that is currently on Amazon in both English and Spanish. And it is that when it comes to helping people in the search to fulfill their objectives, there are few professionals of the stature of Day.
When you start working with her, you start with a journey from the inside out. Counting each of the layers, level by level. In this way, the entire journey begins inside and, progressively, we reach the outermost layers. But always with the security provided by the fact of being able to start from the right place. The interior of our organism. To do this, believing in his teachings and starting to follow the path that he dictates to us through his courses becomes one of the best investments that we can opt for.
A results-based philosophy

Contrary to what happens with other professionals who try to offer us similar experiences, at Day Martínez we found a path that is based on the results that have been obtained in recent years in the exercise of their profession. In this way, all the people who choose to trust their services have all the guarantees that the path they are following has already been tested in other profiles similar to theirs. We only have to look for the speech of previous clients to be able to become aware of the starting point before which we find ourselves.
online advice

Clients who are interested can go to her online advice. Once there, you can agree with her, depending on her schedule, all the appointments that you want to schedule until you can enjoy a full life based on the pillars that arise from her theory. . A unique opportunity to achieve the balance that our body needs.
Are you interested? You can find her on Instagram as @daymartinezi and start your journey to a lifetime of wellness and pleasure now.
Audiobook: "It's not me, it's my madness":
Book on Amazon: one

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