David is a Colombian finance influencer who started creating content on social media at the age of 22 and in less than 2 years, managed to impact many people with videos that have exceeded 10 million viewers. This has allowed him to live 100% off digital businesses.

How did he do it? What are the secrets to success that he can share with other entrepreneurs? The key is to start young.

David had a very common academic life, he was always passionate about business so after graduating, he studied Business Administration at the National University of Colombia. However, during the pandemic, he discovered digital businesses. This would mark a before and after in his life.

«There is no favorable wind for a ship without direction.»

According to David, you only need 3 things to achieve success in any area of life. The first step is to have a clear goal, a clear objective of where to go and after having it, look for a map to achieve it.

«If you head east looking for the sunset, no matter how motivated you are, you will not achieve it.»

That is why David emphasizes the importance of having a mentor, someone who has already traveled the path that you plan to embark on and finally, once you have a goal and a mentor who has already achieved the objective, all you need is massive action, away from perfectionism.

On the other hand, he emphasizes that his good results on social media are due more to the right mindset since, as science suggests, success is 80% mindset. That is why he also provides tips for having more energy and communicating your ideas assertively. Because no matter how big they are, if you do not have the ability to convince, it is very difficult to materialize them.

His main reference when it comes to achieving a result has been Tony Robbins who has taught him to persevere and set mindset goals. Tony has been a mentor to figures such as former President Obama, Nelson Mandela, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Oprah Winfrey. He has allowed him to understand that limits are only mental, so he is convinced that just as he was able to achieve it, any young person in his country can also achieve it.

That is why his goal is to help thousands of entrepreneurs spread their message to others and in that way improve their lives with their products and services. David also helps brands to use organic platforms to go viral and also to expand the message of successful businesses in Latin America.

Today you can take your message and your business to a million people with the right strategy. In recent years, David has dedicated himself to studying the algorithm of the different platforms which allowed him to understand what works and what does not. He has discovered that each person, business, and social network has its own viralization system, a method that allows them to reach millions of people because not everything works the same for everyone.

In this way, once you discover your own viralization system, you will achieve an extreme reach. In his academy, Brand Masters, he teaches personal and business brands to find their own system and achieve 10,000 followers in less than 2 months. He provides personalized advice to brands and professionals to grow organically on a massive scale, an example is the case of a student who achieved a growth of 80,000 followers in less than 1 month.

This successful influencer comments that the pandemic changed his life because it allowed him to do introspection and improve in many aspects. He started by changing his physical habits, then became interested in communication skills, and then in finance and business.

David, the young entrepreneur who is only 22 years old, seeks to educate people in the world of finance in an easy-to-understand way through financial and mindset tips, as in Latin America this is a topic that requires much more momentum. If you’re interested in getting to know him, you can find him on Instagram as @davidotalorag.

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