David Godoy, the renowned Guatemalan YouTuber, has been awarded the 2023 Chapin Awards for Best Trajectory in Social Media in his home country. With over 5 million followers across his social media platforms, Godoy is one of the most influential and successful content creators in the region.

Since creating his YouTube channel in 2014, David has been a reference on the platform and on social media in general. His varied content style, including comedy, tags, challenges, sketches, among others, stands out in this area because, as he says, «a day without laughs is a lost day.» This is how he has achieved the 1 million subscriber plaque on YouTube and the 100k plaque on the same platform.

David Godoy considers himself an outgoing person and is used to competing with himself. He always draws his own conclusions about what he did well or poorly, to improve as a person and as a content creator. He also dedicates himself to audiovisual production for companies and brands.

Godoy is his own inspiration and sends a message to those who want to enter the world of YouTube: «Fear is the worst enemy to achieving a dream. If something you like and makes you happy, why would you let fear take it away from you? There’s nothing to be afraid of, so just go for it without fear of what others might say.»

One of the most invaluable situations that he always remembers was the first time his mother appeared in a video. This happened as a joke, really nothing was planned and neither of them expected the final result of this prank. The great acceptance of the public has allowed them to currently enjoy sharing together in this space.

In summary, David Godoy is a Guatemalan YouTuber who has achieved great success thanks to his talent, creativity, and versatility in content creation. His message of motivation for those who wish to enter the digital world is inspiring and shows his commitment to the community of content creators.

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