The story of Dani Canseco is one that deserves to be told. At 41 years old, Dani is the current CEO of two companies: ClickBus Mexico and Pink Box, the leading pink advertising agency in LATAM.

Canseco has been with ClickBus Mexico for 4 years, an e-commerce platform for bus ticket sales owned by the Rocket Internet group. During the pandemic, the company was severely affected to the point where partners considered closing it down. As the CFO at the time, Daniel offered to work and strategize to save the company, which led to his appointment as CEO.

Thanks to his leadership, along with his colleagues Rodrigo Castro (Director of Finance) and Amairani Alcántara (HR Director), and the support of the team, the company not only survived but also made profits during the first year of the pandemic.

But Dani Canseco didn’t stop there. Due to his previous experience and close connection to the LGBTIQ+ community, a friend asked for his help in managing their company Pink Box, the most relevant pink advertising agency in LATAM with a multi-platform of digital media. Pink Box is responsible for promoting LGBTIQ+ campaigns for clients, as well as covering red carpet events, plays, news, and everything related to the world of entertainment and activism, under the direction of Ari Ortiz, Quique, and Dani. One of their greatest achievements was bringing back the spotlight to Escándala, the company’s most well-known social network, which now has over 350 thousand followers on Instagram and 1.2 million on Facebook, to name a few.

Canseco has focused on boosting theater production within and outside Pink Box.

Currently, Pink Box is producing two plays. In addition to theater production, events, and content, they collaborate with other production companies to promote more plays and projects.

In this regard, Dani comments, «One of the greatest achievements of being in Pink Box is that I have managed to give Escándala greater visibility and presence, as well as driving the theater world on the platform.»

Most of Dani Canseco’s followers are interested in his aspirational lifestyle, travel posts, and personal projects. Furthermore, his work in the LGBTIQ+ community has earned him various recognitions, both for his work in Pink Box and ClickBus, as well as for his short film «XUTAJ,» directed by Jonathan Anzo and produced by Sergio Blanco and Dani. Currently, this project continues to travel the world in different film festivals.

But what truly stands out about Daniel Canseco is his commitment to nonprofit projects. He is always willing to support them with donations and work to ensure the projects can succeed and remain relevant.

Dani Canseco is a person who has shown that leadership and empathy are key to achieving business success. His experience in companies and his commitment to the LGBTIQ+ community make him an example to follow in the fight for equality and inclusion.

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