Health is the backbone of our lives, it is the engine that enables us to live a fulfilling life. To keep it running in a sustainable way, we must be aware of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Claudia helps you gain knowledge about health, fitness, and to reach peak levels of optimization. She has the insider scoop on the latest and greatest biohacks, research, and unconventional approaches to health.

«If you seek more purpose, depth, and spiritual fulfillment you should infuse richness, conscious and perspective in every aspect of your being. It will help the individual honor their limits and transcending them»

Claudia maintains that we are all very different and that there isn’t a rule that works for everyone, which is why she is not tied to any particular theory. In practice, she identifies the best of each theory offering each person what works for them according to their needs.

Want to finally get this «health and fitness» thing figured out? Check out her Instagram @clauzaragozam so that through her advice and recommendations you can start your healing path and commit to the best version of yourself. You are going to be surprised.

Claudia is also the Head Coach of PERFORMERS, a well-rounded endurance and fitness team. She teaches them to grasp the immense power of self-knowledge by coaching her patients to self-quantify their progress through blood work, biotech wearables, fitness trackers and group accountability.

Tu Dosis de Salud Integral is her weekly newsletter that has become a trusted science-based source of information for the Latin Community. She provides an outside-the-box approach to discovering health, happiness and growth, through evidence and a holistic approach that blends the body, the mind, and the spirit so you can lead a richer and impactful life. You can register for free.

Claudia is at the cutting edge of human performance and health optimization. She recently got her certification on Foundation Training which is a methodology that is described as the future of human movement. She is the first certified instructor in Mexico. But that’s not enough, she wants to keep learning, innovating and teaching her community how to grow young, happy and live with intention.

«Self-growth through self-knowledge is so gratifying because you can see your past versions of yourself and think: I am a different person right now! That propels you to empower yourself by seeing clearly the new lessons acquired, the skills you’ve gained and the novel wisdom that you possess, that is the ultimate reward that will win you, LIFE in years, and erase years in life* – Claudia Zaragoza R.D. MSc

Claudia Zaragoza is a leader and pioneer in the Biohacking and Wellness Community in Latin America. With only 38 years old Claudia has built a strong biohacking community that has permeated in a movement in Latin America of self-knowledge and self-empowerment.

She enjoys supporting and guiding people who are looking to achieve their health and performance goals: Lose weight, burn fat, increase energy, reduce stress, heal from a chronic condition, improve brain cognition, run their first race or even improve the relationship they have with themselves and by teaching her patients and athletes to listen to their mind-body connection.

After many years of study and hard work, she has managed to grow in this business for eleven years and counting. She has helped more than 10,000 people to be happy, healthy and at peace with their bodies and mind; through her 1-to-1 coaching, online courses, workshops and conferences.

She has a wide range of expertise and studies including Functional Medicine from CCFM, Exercise Physiology from Stanford, Neuroscience from MIT and Human Nutrition and Dietetics from UEA; thus created a 360-approach to health and wellness, which has made her very effective in helping transform people’s lives.

Claudia is the CEO of “Revoluciona tu Salud”, a Private Practice based in Mexico City of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Biohacking and Exercise Physiology. With her team, she helps people change their eating habits, their relationship around exercise, improve the mind-body connection and their way of life.

Humans are changeable beings so the healthiest thing to do is to experiment and listen to your body in order to honor your limits and work to transcend them. That is why she offers an integrative and personalized guide approach to health optimization through Biohacking, Functional Medicine, Nutrition & Exercise Physiology.

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