Claudia Piedrahita is a successful Colombian entrepreneur who has managed to establish her company in the cosmetics and importation sector. As the CEO of Ruby Rose Colombia and Comercializadora Internacional Transvision, Claudia has built a strong presence in both China and Colombia, and has successfully positioned one of Brazil’s leading makeup brands in over 20 countries.

At just 34 years old, Claudia is a multitasking woman, a mother of two, a wife, and an athlete, who has lived and worked in China for 10 years. This experience has allowed her to develop skills and knowledge in the international business and commercial realm.

In a recent interview, Claudia highlighted that Ruby Rose products cater to consumers seeking new trends and environmentally friendly options. She also mentioned that their product lines are being marketed nationwide and have a strong presence in the e-commerce channel, which has become a prominent platform following the pandemic.

Claudia’s vision and implemented strategies have been fundamental to the success of her company in Colombia, which has reported sales growth ranging from 25% to 35% in recent years. «The Ruby Rose brand has always been known for the quality of its products and fair prices (…). The reception in Colombia has been very positive, allowing us to report year-over-year growth,» stated the entrepreneur.

Her life is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for many women aspiring to achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives. Through her lifestyle, travels, business ventures, motherhood, and sports, Claudia has proven that it is possible to be a successful woman in all aspects of life.

In just 4 years of presence in the Colombian market, Claudia Piedrahita has managed to gain a significant share thanks to her vision, strategies, and leadership abilities. Undoubtedly, she serves as an example of perseverance and success in the business world.

If you’re interested in her work, you can find her on Instagram as @claupiedrahita0518 or visit Ruby Rose’s website at

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