Discover the story of Claudia Piedrahita, a Colombian entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the cosmetics and imports industry. In this article, we will learn how Claudia managed to establish her companies, Ruby Rose Colombia and Comercializadora Internacional Transvision, in both China and Colombia, and positioned a renowned Brazilian makeup brand in more than 20 countries. Join us on this journey through her entrepreneurial career.

Good morning, Claudia. It’s a pleasure to have you here today. You are a very successful Colombian entrepreneur in the cosmetics and imports sector. Tell us a bit about your experience and your companies, Ruby Rose Colombia and Comercializadora Internacional Transvision.

Good morning! Thank you for having me. Indeed, I am the CEO of Ruby Rose Colombia and Comercializadora Internacional Transvision. Over the past few years, I have worked tirelessly to consolidate my companies in both China and Colombia. Our main focus has been to position one of Brazil’s most important makeup brands, Ruby Rose, in more than 20 countries.

That sounds impressive. At 34 years old, you have achieved a lot in the business world. You have also lived and worked in China for 10 years. How has that experience been and how has it helped you in your international business development?

Living and working in China has been an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. It has given me the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in the international business and trade arena. China is a highly competitive and dynamic market, and being immersed in that environment has allowed me to learn valuable lessons and establish strategic relationships for my businesses.

Recently, you mentioned that Ruby Rose products focus on consumers looking for new trends and environmentally friendly products. Could you elaborate more on that?

Yes, definitely. At Ruby Rose, we strive to offer products that are aligned with the latest trends in the makeup world. Additionally, we are aware of the importance of being environmentally responsible. That’s why we ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. We want our consumers to feel good using our products, knowing that they are contributing to a more sustainable consumption.

That’s great. You have also achieved great success in Colombia, with significant sales growth for your company in recent years. What do you think has been the key to that success?

I believe that the key to our success in Colombia has been the quality of our products and our fair prices. From the beginning, we have focused on offering high-quality products at affordable prices for our customers. The reception in Colombia has been very positive, allowing us to report consistent growth year after year. Additionally, we have achieved a strong presence in the domestic market and have also ventured into the e-commerce channel, which has become a great showcase for our products, especially after the pandemic.

You are a multitasking woman, a mother of two, a wife, and a sports enthusiast. Your life is an inspiration to many women who aspire to achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives. How have you managed to handle all these responsibilities successfully?

Undoubtedly, time management and balance between all my responsibilities have been quite a challenge. However, I firmly believe in the importance of taking care of both my personal and professional life. I have learned to be organized, set priorities, and surround myself with a strong and reliable team. I also believe that sports are a fundamental part of my routine, as it helps me stay energetic and focused. Although it is not always easy, I am convinced that it is possible to be a successful woman in all areas of life.

You are truly an example of perseverance and success in the business world. In just 4 years, you have managed to gain a significant share of the Colombian market. What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

My plans and ambitions for the future are to continue growing and expanding my companies. Over the next few years, I will focus on expanding Ruby Rose’s distribution chain nationwide in Colombia. I am also seeking investment opportunities and collaborations to support our growth. My vision is to make Ruby Rose a recognized name throughout the country, offering people the opportunity to enjoy our high-quality products.

That sounds exciting! If someone is interested in learning more about your work, where can they find you on social media or online?

They can find me on Instagram as @claupiedrahita0518 or visit the Ruby Rose website at

Thank you very much for your time, Claudia. It has been a pleasure talking to you and learning more about your success in the business world.

Thank you. It has been a pleasure to share my story. Thank you for the opportunity!

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