Carlos Vidal Barrueco is a Spanish Lawyer who left everything behind to work in the world of Video Games, which is his true passion. He started by being part of the Professional Video Games League, a company of the Mediapro group, who were in full expansion in Latin America 5 years ago.

Working there made him realize how much he liked it and discovered a lot of business opportunities in Colombia, the country that was most behind with streams. Thus, he was able to develop his own company called Spoon Media to help brands reach new generations that move on these platforms such as TWITCH, YOUTUBE, etc.

He is the largest manager of streamers and YouTubers in Colombia and northern Latam, especially focused on the area of video games and entertainment.

He is also specializing in creating both online and in-person formats to develop new entertainment for GenZ. For example, the well-known Stream Fighters, a boxing event between content creators, which broke the record in Twitch history in Colombia.

Want to know more? You can find him on Instagram as @carlosvbarrueco

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