Mateo Ovalle, better known as the «Brows Boss,» is a specialist in administrative law, YouTuber, and micro-pigmentation artist originally from Armenia, Quindío.

With a great passion for art and beauty, Mateo decided to leave his career as a lawyer to venture into one of the most artistic niches of beauty: micro-pigmentation.

In March 2018, he began his journey in the world of Permanent Make Up (PMU), seeking partnerships with people in the beauty industry in his city to get himself known.

After much persistence, the name «Mateo Brows Boss» began to resonate in the city. He was no longer sought after only for his services, but also to teach his art and skills. It was then that Brows Academia was born. At first, he offered in-person classes and training, but after the pandemic in 2020, he adapted to the new era and began offering his courses online.

Today, thousands of people have benefited from the content and training information in the art of eyebrows, confirming that Mateo is an undisputed authority in PMU. He has even been awarded at different events for his artistic and competitive performance, being considered in that industry as one of the breakthrough artists.

He also has a list of national and international certifications, being an ambassador for Alice Cosmetics Inc and participating in the Guinness World Record for the most microblading in 1 hour. He has also been selected as an international judge for the different categories of micro-pigmentation in its various modalities.

From Brows Academia, Mateo has helped more than 30,000 micro-pigmentation artists to scale their businesses and live off their art. His dream is to reach the lives of 1 million people, improving their self-esteem with his art or helping them achieve a dignified lifestyle through teaching this technique.

Mateo Ovalle, the «Brows Boss,» is an example that perseverance and passion for what one does can lead to achieving great accomplishments in life. If you are interested in knowing more about his work, you can find him on Instagram as @mateo_brows_boss.

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