Bader Krameddin is a woman who has made her love for cooking and rich cultural diversity a true passion. With Lebanese and Brazilian origins, and having grown up in Panama, Bader has managed to fuse the flavors of these cultures in her culinary creations.

Graduated in interior design, Bader always had a inclination towards creativity, which has been fundamental in the elaboration of her dishes. Her love for cooking began as a child, watching her mother and grandmother always cook and share family moments around the table.

For Bader, cooking is not only a culinary art, but also a language that allows her to express feelings and emotions through the flavors and aromas of her dishes. With immense passion, she has managed to conquer the hearts of her audience, thanks to her dedication, creativity, originality and, of course, taste.

In addition, she speaks four languages (Spanish, Arabic, English, and Portuguese), which has allowed her to share her recipes with people from different cultures, reaching a wider and more diverse audience.

In November 2022, Bader had the opportunity to show off her culinary skills on the TV show «Jello» on Panama’s national channel TVN, where she created a recipe live and captivated the audience with her creativity. She also earned a French pastry diploma after completing a two-month course at Maroun Chedid institution in Lebanon.

Recently, Bader has launched a collection of spices and condiments, including seven types of spices, cheese powder, powdered ketchup, powdered BBQ, powdered spicy, rose water, flower water, ainar tea, magic potatoes, tawook spice, fatush spice, tabule spice, and pomegranate honey, which have been a success in the market.

With a passion for cooking that knows no bounds, Bader Krameddin is a true ambassador of cultural diversity in the kitchen, fusing flavors from different cultures and taking her culinary art to new levels. If you are interested in her work, you can find her on Instagram as @baderskitchen.

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