Antonio Mengual, a 37-year-old Spaniard, has managed to turn his childhood traumas into an opportunity to help others heal. Born in Granada, he studied psychology at the University of his hometown and later specialized in Affective Disorders, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence.

However, it is his personal story that truly sets him apart. Antonio grew up in a dysfunctional family, devoid of love and affection, carrying a constant feeling of abandonment and rejection, which led him to develop traumas from a young age. Despite this, he was always a sensitive and empathetic person, willing to help others.

A phrase from someone important in his life, «Antonio, you are too big to have yourself all to yourself. You have to share yourself with others,» marked a turning point in his path. He began to focus his life on helping others heal, so that no one would have to go through what he had experienced.

Despite holding a psychology degree, Antonio felt unable to help others after graduating. It was then that he entered an existential crisis and decided to start a new life in the United Kingdom, a stage that lasted nearly eight years.

It was during this period that Antonio began his healing process and realized that psychology alone was not enough to help many people who were suffering from the challenges of life. That’s when he started studying Buddhism and embracing spiritual teachings to develop his spiritual side.

According to Antonio, many people suffer because they have lost connection with the world and, consequently, with themselves. That’s when they lose themselves and fail to find a reason to get up the next day. Antonio helps his patients find that connection and give meaning to their lives.

Currently, Antonio gives lectures and seminars for private companies, has been interviewed by various international media outlets, and is in the process of completing his first book. During the pandemic, several newspapers even contacted him to discuss the psychological impact of confinement.

Antonio’s story is one of overcoming and helping others, and his message has resonated with thousands of people who have transformed their lives thanks to his experience and knowledge. Antonio is an example of how, despite adversity, one can find purpose in life and use that purpose to help others find theirs.

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