Antonio Martinez, a 33-year-old Valencian man, always knew he had a great entrepreneurial spirit, although he wasn’t initially aware of it. As a child, Antonio didn’t have a difficult upbringing, but he suffered from his parents’ divorce and didn’t find a clear motivation in his life.

Despite being a disaster in academics, Antonio excelled in golf and obtained multiple academic advantages for being considered an «elite athlete.» However, when he was 25 years old, he was sent to study and work abroad, where he realized that wasn’t his world.

Everything changed when a friend introduced him to the direct selling and Network Marketing industry. Although he didn’t understand much about it at first, Antonio realized he had an opportunity to help his father, one of the most important people in his life, and became an entrepreneur in this sector.

Despite having several years of training and experience in the industry, he didn’t have the results he expected. However, he learned important lessons and forged the values that define his character today, such as punctuality, personality, formal attire, and the importance of building direct sales teams.

Finally, his path led him to InCruises, where he met one of the most important people in his life, Jorge Torres. Although they were very different, Antonio and Jorge complemented each other perfectly. Together, they tried the first cruise of the InCruises company and met the owners and the project. This encounter changed Antonio’s life forever.

Later on, they both arrived in Barcelona to board their first cruise with InCruises. There they had the opportunity to meet the founders of the company and realized they were facing something different and innovative. Traveling on a cruise is something everyone loves and enjoys, and they had the possibility of helping more people do it more economically or even earning money while they traveled.

It was the following year when Antonio attended his first Network Marketing Pro event in Las Vegas that he realized the potential of the industry and decided to focus even more on his business with InCruises. In a short time, he managed to take his business to 6 figures in income, which was crazy, but the momentum of his team was unstoppable.

In 2018, Antonio and his team traveled to many countries, even developing a team in Asia, which allowed them to reach 7 figures in income in 2019. It was then that Antonio was invited to be an official speaker at the industry’s largest event in Las Vegas, where he shared his story in front of 7,000 people at the MGM.

Today, Antonio and his team continue to travel around the world and help many people improve their quality of life thanks to the possibility of recommending a product that everyone wants. Antonio’s story is an example of how committing to an entrepreneurship, especially one that can help more people, can lead a person to achieve great goals and accomplish incredible things in life.

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