When you meet Anneris Marte and speak with her, the first thing that comes to mind is, «this woman knows what she’s talking about.» Having written and published the first medical and tourism guide for plastic surgery for women is no small feat. In the guide, this entrepreneur born in the Dominican Republic and based in New York for many years, captured all of her experience as a patient and health advisor to guide women who require plastic surgery through the process with maximum detail.

However, the «Bella Guide» is part of something much larger: Dr Cosmetic Inc, a company founded six years ago by Anneris, which aims to offer patients a complete package for their transformation, from the initial consultation with a specialized surgeon, to physical and psychological preparation before surgery, the surgical procedure itself, to the smallest details of travel to the Dominican Republic, accommodation, postoperative care, and appropriate follow-up for each patient, with innovative treatments to speed up recovery.

The Dominican Republic has become a sort of panacea for plastic surgery, as there is an offer of excellent doctors who have trained at the most important universities in the region and abroad. In this sense, if we had to sum up Dr Cosmetic’s trajectory in this market in a single attribute, we would have to use the same word we use to describe the doctors: excellence.

But make no mistake, Anneris Marte does not sell plastic surgeries; through her company, she provides patients with the opportunity to live a transformative experience not only at a physical level but also from an emotional point of view because, as she herself explained, even if a woman is determined to have surgery to look better, during the process, she may experience emotional ups and downs, mixed feelings, doubts, and fears.

One of the advantages of choosing this experience with Dr Cosmetic is the fact that one of Anneris’s goals is to provide all women who approach her with valuable information. That’s why on her YouTube channel, her Instagram (Drcosmeticinc), and her website (www.drcosmeticinc.com), interested audiences can find updated content related to the world of surgeries and aesthetic beauty.

Additionally, on the website, visitors can see the academic and professional profile of each member of the team, images of their work, patient testimonials, and as a plus, highly valued by future patients, Dr Cosmetic provides a quotation of your case, completely free of charge, by contacting them and providing a series of data related to your current physical health and the procedure you aspire to have.

Anneris Marte speaks with the security and confidence of someone who has been guiding many women through their transformation process for years and is very firm in warning patients to seek good advice about whom they are entrusting their health to, to be skeptical and careful before accepting any transformation method that does not meet minimum guarantees to avoid risking their lives (such as biopolymers, misleading offers, sites that do not meet the requirements to cover any eventuality). That is why she is committed to improving the face of plastic surgery, making it more humane, real, and safer.

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