Creativity and good taste in cooking have led Mexican Angela Omaña Lelo de Larrea to become a renowned content creator on social media, where she shares her delicious recipes and culinary tips.

Known as @angelatastyblog on Instagram and TikTok, Angela has gained great popularity thanks to her ability to combine flavors and presentations, as well as her friendly and approachable style with her followers.

Her talent has not gone unnoticed by major brands, including Nestlé, Liverpool, Starbucks, DolceGusto, and Smucker, who have trusted her to promote their products. In fact, Angela has created a digital recipe book for one of the country’s most important beer brands, Noche Buena.

But it’s not all work for Angela, who has also stood out for her social work. A few years ago, she was named head of the Youth and Children at Risk Department at the state level, where she has been able to contribute to the development and well-being of the most in need.

With a kind and simple personality, Angela has shown that creativity and good taste can open many doors, and that there are always opportunities to share our talents and help others. We will continue to follow her next culinary creations and charitable actions.

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