Andrés Olarte Osorio is a professional tattoo artist who has managed to stand out in the city of Medellín thanks to his specialized style in calligraphy and fine lines. At just 15 years old, Andy began his career as a tattoo artist, inspired by his favorite TV show, Miami Ink.

As he gained experience, his skill and technique led him to be considered one of the best tattoo artists in Colombia, working with renowned figures from sports, music, and politics such as Franco Armani, Ryan Castro, Reykon, Pipe Calderón, and Andy Rivera.

In addition to his passion for tattooing, Andy is also a lover of high-displacement cars and motorcycles, which led him to compete several times in Motogp Colombia, held at the Tocancipá racetrack in the city of Bogotá.

Today, Andrés has his own tattoo studio in Medellín where he, along with his team of apprentices, creates works of art on the skin of his clients. His goal is to continue breaking boundaries and bringing his art to anyone who wants to enjoy his fine lines and strokes.

Soon, Andy will be traveling to Mexico to expand his work and bring his art to new people. Despite his success in the world of tattooing, Andrés does not forget his role as a father to his two daughters, Antonia and Emilia, to whom he dedicates much of his free time.

With his skill, technique, and passion for the art of tattooing, Andrés Olarte Osorio is undoubtedly a tattoo artist who is constantly evolving and growing, and his work is an example of how art can break barriers and transcend borders.

If you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @andyborneoink.

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