Andrés Gómez is a 24-year-old Colombian who has conquered the world of pole with his skill and dedication. At just 7 years old, he began his athletic career in break dancing in the city of Cali, competing in multiple national competitions until the age of 13.

He then continued his athletic training in Olympic gymnastics, spending 2 years as part of the national gymnastics league in Cali. At 15, he started practicing calisthenics, which sparked his interest in the process of constantly advancing the body.

It was at 17, when he left school, that he discovered pole, a sport that had a bad reputation and was also attacked by machismo. However, after seeing a video of a colleague named Dimitri Politov, he was impressed and crazy to try it.

Andrés began training day and night, learning through videos and advice from his peers. Soon after starting pole, he traveled to Argentina to train in the sport. There, he discovered a studio called Chinese Pole Argentina, which focuses on high-performance athletes who want to compete or simply advance safely and steadily.

Over the next three years, Andrés trained and competed, winning several competitions, including the Pole Battle in the professional category and in the elite category in the following years. During this time, he also trained as a pole sport and acrobatic pole instructor in the Chinese methodology.

In 2020, he decided to return to Colombia, where he was invited as a special guest to the Open Pole competition at the Fitness Fair in Medellin. Unfortunately, due to the spread of COVID-19, he had to stay in Colombia for the entire year.

In 2021, he traveled to Spain, where he began teaching pole workshops in various cities, using the Chinese Pole methodology and preparing competition athletes. He also dedicated himself to teaching the methodology in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

In Barcelona, he decided to stay and is now one of the greatest exponents of pole in both practice and theory. Andrés has made people take pole seriously as a sport and has managed to change the perception of those who saw it as something sexualized and unprofessional.

Andrés Gómez is an example of perseverance and dedication. His story inspires many young people to follow their dreams and not let difficulties stop them on their path to success. If you are interested in learning more, you can find him on Instagram as @gomezpole.

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