Alvaro loves training, taking care of himself, travels and photography. His followers are people who love tattoos and fitness, which is what he is passionate about and keeps in the center of his life.

When he got his first tattoo he realized that there was a lot of body left to cover. He saw himself as a blank canvas to which he had only given the first brushstroke. Since then he didn’t stop until he had covered all the gaps. Some believed that he used them as a resource to flirt, but that is not true. It seems like, thanks to them, exceptional girls notice him that perhaps in another context they would not. But if Alvaro started a relationship with one of them, all the others would disappear. Just because he is interested in tattoos, he does not fulfill the «bad boy» stereotype.

At the same time, he had to go through numerous difficulties in order to maintain his fitness body. It was a tough process of transformation until he reached the goal he had planned. He required strict physical and mental discipline, for example, he had to learn to give up succulent foods that are commonly eaten but he has forbidden. Alvaro comments that it is a daily work of training and physical effort that stops being hard when you are fully motivated.  

Bodybuilding and tattooing are painful processes that also define his identity. It is not just painting or exercising without any objective. They are intense and real body experiences in an increasingly virtual world.  If it did not hurt, if it was easy, it would have no merit. Its difficulty makes it a valuable goal, an almost unattainable desire, one that is never quite completed and always keeps us moving, looking for more.

«Other people are defined by their clothes, their uniform. I am defined by my nakedness. That’s my identity, it’s the way I tell the world who I am without the need for words,» he says. If you are interested in learning more about Alvaro, you can find him on Instagram as @alvarito_runner.

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