In a world where appearance plays an increasingly important role, aesthetic dentistry has become very important. Alejandro Hoyos Londoño, a young Colombian dentist born in 1991, has been able to take advantage of this trend to create a successful business that has revolutionized dental tourism.

Graduating as a dentist from the Antonio Nariño University in 2014, Hoyos Londoño has worked with Colombia’s largest dental companies. However, three years ago, he decided to become independent and open his own business dedicated to dental tourism.

Currently, his company specializes in bringing patients from around the world, mainly from the United States, to Colombia for aesthetic dentistry treatments. What sets his work apart from others is the high level of naturalness achieved in the final results.

To achieve this, his company uses a technique called «Ultra Ceramic Veneer,» which involves the application of 0.3 mm-thick ceramic lenses. This technique allows the mimicry of the genetic shapes of natural teeth, resulting in a natural and pleasing appearance.

This type of dental tourism is beneficial not only for patients but also for the Colombian economy in general. By working with transportation companies, translators, hotels, restaurants, spas, and other related services, Hoyos Londoño’s company generates a significant amount of employment and benefits the local economy.

Furthermore, dental tourism is very favorable for patients since the same treatment in the United States can cost between 30 and 50 thousand dollars. In contrast, in Colombia, Hoyos Londoño’s company offers a complete package that includes transportation, hotel, and spa for only 6 thousand dollars.

In conclusion, Alejandro Hoyos Londoño is an example of entrepreneurship and business vision who has been able to take advantage of a global trend to create a successful business that benefits both patients and the Colombian economy. His Ultra Ceramic Veneer technique and his focus on natural results make him a leader in the field of aesthetic dentistry and dental tourism.

If you are interested in his work, you can learn more through his Instagram, @dr.alejandrohoyos.

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