Meet Alejandra Prado, an experienced engineer in Food Science and Technology, specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and Body Composition. With seven years of work experience, she offers personalized group training and online counseling.

Alejandra Prado’s journey in the field of health and wellness has been impressive. With a background in Food Science and Technology Engineering, she has honed her expertise in various areas, including Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and Body Composition.

Throughout her seven years of work experience, Alejandra has mastered the art of providing personalized guidance to her clients. Whether through online counseling or in-person consultations, her programs are tailored to the unique goals, lifestyle, and preferences of each individual.

What sets Alejandra apart from other professionals in the industry is her ability to work with clients who are already within the healthy weight range but are seeking to improve specific areas. Many of her clients already lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in physical activity but lack guidance on what to eat to support their activities or how to optimize their body composition.

One key differentiator in Alejandra’s approach is the use of natural foods in her programs. She does not rely on «recommended brands» or an excessive amount of supplements. Instead, her plans consist of easily accessible food choices considered «normal.» By emphasizing natural ingredients, Alejandra aims to promote a healthy and sustainable approach to nutrition.

The color palette of her brand, consisting of black, green, and red, sets her apart from the traditional pink, white, and light green commonly associated with nutrition and fitness. This choice represents the active and transformative nature of exercise and body composition improvement.

Alejandra’s programs are completely personalized, without standardized approaches. She understands that each person’s journey is unique and adjusts her guidance accordingly. Her goal is to demonstrate that even busy individuals can prioritize their health and make sustainable dietary choices without feeling overwhelmed.

Rather than focusing on complicated fitness recipes, Alejandra shares quick and simple tips for healthy eating. Her aim is to make nutritious choices accessible and time-efficient for her clients, highlighting that maintaining a healthy diet can be feasible even with a busy schedule.

In addition to her personalized programs, Alejandra offers genetic testing services, allowing patients to obtain accurate information about their genetic predispositions and how they respond to specific foods and exercises. This service is available for both in-person and online clients, as the test can be sent to the patient’s chosen location.

With her passion for personalized nutrition and fitness guidance, Alejandra Prado is transforming how people approach their well-being. Through her expertise, she empowers her clients to lead a healthy lifestyle, demonstrating that even the busiest individuals can prioritize their health with ease and efficacy.

If you’d like to learn more about Alejandra Prado’s services, you can find her online presence on her website and social media channels.

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