Alberto Rulos: From Carnivorous Bodybuilder to Vegan Fitness Icon

How a shift in diet led Alberto Rulos to become the leading figure in Vegan Fitness in the Spanish-speaking world.

Alberto González Gómez, known in the virtual world as «Alberto Rulos,» is a Vegan Fitness Coach who has revolutionized the fitness scene.
His transformation story, from consuming 1 kilogram of meat daily as a bodybuilder to becoming a vegan activist, is an inspiring testimony that has changed the lives of thousands through social media. In this article, we’ll explore Alberto’s incredible journey and how he has become the primary reference for Vegan Fitness in Spain and beyond.

The path to veganism:
In 2016, Alberto Rulos was at the peak of his bodybuilding career but suddenly felt a deep disconnect between his moral principles and the consequences of his actions. Back then, he consumed a kilogram of meat per day, but that year marked a turning point. Alberto decided to make a radical shift in his lifestyle and diet, committing to causing no more animal suffering.

Challenges and myths of Vegan Fitness:
The journey to veganism was not without challenges. At that time, there were numerous myths surrounding the quality of plant-based proteins, especially concerning muscle gain. Alberto Rulos faced these misconceptions and chose to trust in a vegan diet. For over two years, he studied, experimented, and documented his transformation process on his YouTube channel, challenging conventional stereotypes about vegan bodybuilding.

The first vegan fitness athlete in Spain:
Alberto’s commitment led him to compete again in his best physical form, this time as a 100% vegan athlete. Not only did he achieve his goal, but he also gained an impressive 8 kilograms of muscle. His feat made him the first vegan fitness athlete in Spain and the main reference in the Spanish-speaking world.

Teaching to achieve the best vegan version:
Today, Alberto Rulos dedicates his life to teaching others how to reach their best version in a vegan way. His experience and knowledge have become a source of inspiration and guidance for those looking to transform their lives and improve their health through Vegan Fitness. Additionally, Alberto shares his knowledge with other trainers, contributing to the expansion of the veganism cause and the importance of mental and physical health.

Alberto Rulos’s story is a testament to determination, overcoming challenges, and commitment to personal values. His transition from a carnivorous bodybuilder to a Vegan Fitness icon in the Spanish-speaking world is an example that achieving physical and mental goals is possible without causing harm to animals and while maintaining perfect health. His influence and dedication to the vegan cause continue to inspire countless people to adopt a healthier and more ethical lifestyle, demonstrating that personal transformation can have a positive impact on the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to follow his journey at @Albertorulos on all social media for valuable content and innovative ideas.