In 2002, when he was only 20 years old, Alberto Conesa decided to start his path in the real estate world. He is currently recognized in the market as one of the most disruptive hispanic real estate mentors in the world.

After having given seminars and conferences in the United States, Latin America and Europe, today you can find him with his team at Brading Center. His company is a real estate marketing and advertising agency specialized in providing advanced training for real estate agencies and agents, helping them to improve their strategies, recruitment and sales. They also offer their real estate marketing systems and customer attraction strategies that will accelerate the company’s growth and deliver incredible results.

Alberto is the author of two very relevant books: «Master: “Agentes Inmobiliarios que construyen una mente de alta facturación” and «Branding inmobiliario, despierta al titán», with the goal of spreading his experience. The information and results they provide allows Alberto to offer a different value to the client. He provided training to more than 5000 real estate agencies in less than 4 years and helped more than 9000 real estate agents in his mentoring and private seminars. He also collaborates with the growth of real estate agencies in the United States, Latin America and Spain, as well as international and national companies.

The specialty of this real estate mentor is to train staff and management in different real estate companies with advanced training to improve the working methodology. Let’s not forget that Alberto Conesa leads and mentors the best private group in Spain with more than 9000 sales and generated more than 54 million € for the agencies that are a part of his Pi3 work system.

Also, he is the winner of the EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURIAL TALENT AWARD 2021 given by AEITI (European Association of Industry, Technology and Innovation), that was created with the aim of supporting Spanish entrepreneurs to advance in the technology industry. They use this award to recognize them.

The real estate market is very complex to control due to the constant ups and downs that cause imbalances in the companies around the world. For this reason, trained professionals are required to face the crises and achieve success. That is why real estate consulting and preparation must be formally provided by professionals in the area. Alberto Conesa’s authority in the real estate sector as a mentor is backed by his extensive background, testimonials and knowledge in the real estate market, if you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @albertoconesaoficial.

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