Nicolas Zorzoli, a well-respected entrepreneur from the island of Ibiza, is a person who values citizenship, teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance in his work. Despite having several successful businesses, if you ask him about his best investment, he will undoubtedly respond that it is the time invested in his relationship with his partner Ludmila and their newborn son Orion, who have found their home on this beautiful island.

In addition to his already successful concierge services company, Best Experiences, this intrepid entrepreneur continues to add business units to the family with his emerging and increasingly consolidated real estate company, Best Experiences Real Estate.

Nicasio’s is an ice cream shop that will enamor you with its own recipe for artisanal ice cream. Whether you prefer a classic vanilla or a bolder flavor like passion fruit, this ice cream shop will be your best choice starting next season. As its slogan indicates, the secret is that they are «fatto con amore» (made with love). Located in the Santa Eulalia neighborhood, just 20 minutes from downtown, Nicasio will be the perfect place for a family afternoon or a dessert night with friends. Its cozy atmosphere will make you feel at home from the first moment you enter. Don’t miss it! You can learn more on their website (include link to the website).

As efficient as he is versatile, Nicolas enjoys combining his personal tastes and passions with business, especially if they are shared with friends. That’s why, together with nautical entrepreneur Adrián Vila and his partner Luudmila, they are embarking on a project that is as novel as it is ambitious, about which we can say little for now. We can only say that they have an initiative in their hands that will make headlines, a space that combines art, luxury watches, real estate, and the best champagne you can imagine in an environment that promises to be one of the most exclusive on the entire island of Ibiza. If we can give one piece of advice, stay tuned for news from «La Champagnerie Ibiza,» because no one will want to miss this place!

No business is possible without investment, and that is what solidifies Nicolas as one of the most relevant new entrepreneurs in Ibiza. He currently has a team of more than 20 permanent people who are distributed among the different projects and that increases every season, being not only a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs but also a creator of jobs for many people.

At, they have an extensive portfolio of vacation properties, and due to the current volume of inquiries and reservations, Nicolas and his team anticipate a great season ahead, where they will receive many guests from different parts of the world.

And if all this were not enough, this season they will expand their fleet of boats available at Best Experiences to provide an even better service to those who choose them to organize their dream vacations, which thanks to their warmth and efficiency, are increasingly attracting more people.

Nicolas and his team are committed to investing their time in an increasingly better Ibiza, and we wish them a great season in all their businesses. Cheers to their success!

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