Have you ever wondered who is behind some of the most entertaining, exciting, or moving films that grace the big screens? The answer is the producer. And what does a producer do?

«They are the driving force that brings projects to the big screen. They are the equivalent of a real estate developer: just as real estate involves acquiring physical, material property, in cinema, it’s about acquiring or licensing intellectual property, and instead of an architect, a Director is hired. There are endless similarities. The producer develops, promotes, and is a fundamental part of content creation.»

The name of our interviewed producer is Santiago García Galván.

«When I started dreaming of making films in Mexico 20 years ago, creating a movie felt like a miracle. I heard a million times: ‘You’ll starve in the film industry.’ But it wasn’t like that. Through determination, studying, entrepreneurship, embracing and learning from mistakes, we managed to move forward. I am fortunate to be part of a generation of incredibly talented producers, directors, writers, actors, and cinematographic artists who, as a generation, broke down barriers and paved the way for what is now a true industry.»

After graduating from the TAI University of Arts and Entertainment in Madrid, Santiago García embarked on a journey that would impact the Mexican and Latin American film landscape for nearly 20 years of work. As a co-founder of Ítaca Films, his name is now associated with some of the most memorable films and documentaries in Latin American cinema. As an entrepreneur and producer, Santiago has developed a keen perception for identifying impactful stories and making them a reality. He has excelled as a producer who strikes a balance between the business and executive aspects and the creative and artistic sides.

In his cinematic travel diary, he has supported the careers of prominent directors, including the renowned Jorge Perugorría and Manolo Caro, Demián Bichir, Jonás Cuarón, Pitipol Ybarra, as well as Guillermo Arriaga.

Santiago García Galván remains a facilitator for Mexican and Latin American cinema, enabling its growth to match the creative capacity of its creators.

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